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Season of Tree :Forest Friends


Season of Tree will take your children on a magical and unforgettable journey to a forest full of colours, curious creatures and exciting challenges. Your children will wade though the foggy woods and explore the forest as a furry sloth.Main features:- raises children's awareness of forest species and cycles in nature- supports reasoning and logical thinking including predicting changes improves number recognition - supports the development of fine motor skills- supports Multi-Sensory Education- offers balanced stimulation- three motivating and fun mini games- realistic, engaging and child-friendly sound effects, graphics and animations- Active Learning Approach- ideal for kids aged 3 - 8
Season of Tree fosters holistic development and cross-curricular learning. It offers challenges in which children can develop their fine motor skills, improve number recognition, raise awareness of cycles in nature, and make friends with a variety of forest species.
Includes 3 mini games:Ladder to Sky - Tree Top Hotel- Repeat sound sequences- Find the Missing Animal- Serve Dishes, Learn Numbers
Circle of Life- Draw & Observe how the Seasons Change
Road to Courage- Wade through Fog- Animal Orchestra- Snake on the Way- Remove Boulders
Additional Features:- free from in-app ads
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